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Services I Offer

If you’re in Riverbank, CA, there are two services you can’t miss from our company. Without further ado, here are what Reed Allen Construction offers;

Bathroom Remodeler

Bathroom Remodeler

Kitchen Remodeling

Have you decided on the new layout of your kitchen? Have you finalized what materials to buy for your countertop, kitchen cabinet, and other kitchen fixtures? If not, we might be able to help you plan. Well-versed with different construction supplies, let me tell you about their pros and cons. Let me also tell you about their maintenance needs as well as how they’ll affect the market value of your property.

Also, tell me more about your preferences, your desired outcome, and your budget limit. I’m an expert. I’ll be very happy to show you many attractive options, including those innovative ones you never thought applicable in your situations.

I’m here to give you a reliable and stylish kitchen. I’m confident that my work will make your cooking experience more comfortable. Let me increase your cooking speed. I know just how to make that possible!

Bathroom Remodeling

Make your bathing and toilet experiences more relaxing and comforting using my service. I have been studying various bathroom remodeling ideas all around the world. Regardless of the theme, the standards of the homeowner, or the size of the space, I know that I can bring the best of your bathroom. To prove to you that, let me show you pictures of my previous works. Most of them are luxurious looking bathroom made inside a residential home.

Do you want to know how I do it? Contact me today. Let me perform a site inspection if you haven’t decided with anything yet. This will be very useful during the planning phase. While we’re at it, let me tell you tips on how to reduce your overall bathroom remodeling project.

Are you ready to remodel your home in Riverbank, CA today? If you need any of the two services, just remember that you have Reed Allen Construction! Call me today at (209) 215-2686.