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Best Flooring Materials for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the ‘hub’ of a home. It isn’t just a place for you to prepare a meal, it’s common for family members and even guests, to gather in this area. The kitchen is often the most active room in your house. With all this activity, you want flooring that will withstand all the foot traffic that will move through this area. A kitchen remodel should include a flooring material to suit your personal needs and style.

Kitchen Remodel with the Best Flooring Material

Finding a kitchen floor that meets your needs, style and budget can be a challenge. These tips on choosing the best flooring material for your kitchen remodel will help make your choice. These are some of the factors to keep in mind when shopping for flooring:

  • Resistant to water
    • A kitchen has a lot of water usage, so you want a flooring that will withstand the occasional spill of juice, coffee, water, or other liquids.
  • Design
    • Design is important as you want the kitchen remodel to look as good as the rest of your home. Many want color themes to blend, so your flooring should complement the other areas of the house.
  • Durable
    • When planning the flooring choice for your kitchen remodel, you want a durable product on the floor. The choice you make should be able to withstand frequent dropping of jars, bottles, or other containers. The floor should also be able to withstand spills without staining.
  • Cleanability
    • The kitchen can be a messy place. With all the food being prepared, and the traffic this room generates, you want a floor that is easy to clean.

There is a wide selection of flooring materials available. The choices you will find during your kitchen remodel can be as functional as they are eye-pleasing.

Kitchen Remodel Flooring Material Choices

Different flooring materials offer different benefits and meet various needs for homeowners. When you begin your kitchen remodel project, the professionals at Reed Allen Construction can help you choose the best material for your kitchen floor. Some of the choices could include:

  • Sheet vinyl
    • The pros for choosing sheet vinyl include it is water-resistant, affordable, and comfortable flooring to walk on. This material has been used for kitchen floors for decades and continues to improve. It has no seams in its construction so water cannot seep down onto your subfloor. The cons of this choice would be your heavier appliances will make an imprint or depression in it.
  • Porcelain Tile
    • The pros for choosing porcelain tile in your kitchen remodel project are it is excellent for high-traffic areas, stain-resistant, very durable, and waterproof. This flooring is similar to ceramic, but porcelain is fired at a higher temperature, so it is a more resistant and stronger material to resist damage. The cons for this choice is porcelain tile will require you to periodically regrout to prevent it from staining. 
  • EVP (Engineered Vinyl Plank)
    • The pros of choosing EVP for your kitchen flooring is that it resembles real hardwood and is waterproof. EVP is one of the newer flooring products on the market and is gaining popularity. The plank is a layer of luxury vinyl that is bonded to a waterproof core. The cons for this choice are your heavy appliances may leave depression marks on it. 

Who to Talk to About Kitchen Remodel Projects

Reed Allen Construction has been in the home improvement industry for three decades. As a remodeling contractor, we will help to remodel your kitchen or bathroom exactly as you envision it to look. Through years of working with customers, our service approach has been noted as one of the best in the industry. Talk with us about your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, and we will explain your choices and help you make the best-informed decisions possible.